GENERAL HOSPITAL's Lucy Coe — Relive Her Crazy Life Story!

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The character of Lucy Coe has been a fan favorite ever since the first appeared on GENERAL HOSPITAL back in 1986!. Portrayer Lynn Herring was only hired for a short-term gig, but the character became so popular she stuck around and was even used to help launch the GH spinoff PORT CHARLES in 1997!

Lucy was originally a mousy librarian who was involved with Kevin O’Connor and his alibi in a murder case. Breaking out of her shell, she later had an affair with Bobbie’s husband Jake, married Tony Jones, and then tied the knot with Alan Quartermaine wearing a scandalous red dress at their wedding ceremony!

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While married to Alan, Lucy had an affair with Scotty, and became pregnant. After miscarrying his child, she ended up with Scotty, but later left town. When she returned, Lucy found that Scotty had fallen in love with Dominique, who had fatal brain cancer. Having turned over a new leaf, Lucy agreed to be their surrogate and gave birth to Serena in a cabin during a blizzard.

After Scotty was forced to flee town by the mob, Lucy fell in with Damian Smith and returned to her scheming ways, betting him he couldn’t seduce Bobbie away from Tony. But during this time, Lucy met Kevin, who helped her return to the kinder, gentler woman Dominique had believed in.

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Things then took a stranger turn for a while as Lucy and Kevin discovered that his daughter, Livvie, was being seduced by a vampire named Caleb. After vanquishing the evil bloodsucker, Kevin threw a surprise wedding and Lucy finally married her "Doc." With their lives now full of magic and mystery, the appearance of another creature of the night, Stephen Clay, led Lucy to discover she was actually a vampire slayer!

Lucy was also instrumental in creating the annual Nurses Ball for General Hospital to raise funds for AIDS research, although after a while, they stopped holding the event. But in 2012, nurses Sabrina and Felix tracked down Lucy to help revive the ball. Lucy’s return to Port Charles had a bit of a hiccup when she thought John McBain was the vampire Caleb and Sam McCall was Livvie. It was later revealed that musician Stephen Clay was insane, and believed himself to be a vampire named Caleb.

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With Kevin spending so much time out of town with patients, Lucy distracted herself by trying to relaunch Deception Cosmetics with Laura, but it never got off the ground. While helping Scott run for District Attorney, they grew closer and slept together. Although Lucy wanted to remain married to Kevin, she couldn’t deny her feelings for Scott and her marriage came to an end. Sadly, Lucy was shocked to discover Scott was also sleeping with Bobbie and devastated when the cad chose to be with the redhead instead!

More recently, Lucy found herself wrapped up in Morgan’s death after catching Ava dumping the young man’s medication in the trash. And while Lucy isn’t above playing dirty every now and then, she will eventually do the right thing. That, you can be sure of!

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