Who Was Emily on GENERAL HOSPITAL? — Here's Her Tragic Story!

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On GENERAL HOSPITAL, Monica was touched when Jason and Sam revealed that they were naming their baby girl Emily after her late adopted daughter. Longtime fans may remember Emily Quartermaine, but for newer viewers asking "Who is Emily?", we've got your answer right here!

Emily (as played by Amber Tamblyn) was taken in by Alan and Monica Quartermaine after her mother, Paige Bowen, died of breast cancer. Initially resistant to the idea of being adopted, the young woman ran away with Lucky Spencer to look for her aunt instead. But upon their return, Emily agreed to let the Quartermaines adopt her.

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When Monica had an affair with Pierce Dorman, Emily turned to drugs, and Pierce was revealed to be the supplier. When he was found murdered, Emily became a prime suspect, but thankfully was cleared. After she got clean, Emily attempted a modeling career only to find herself blackmailed with fake naked pictures by Tom Baker, who had raped her friend, Elizabeth!

Who did Emily Love on GENERAL HOSPITAL?

Emily fell in love with young musician Juan Santiago, but after accepting a drugged beer at a rave, woke up in bed with a dead body! Her friends helped her cover up the crime, which they later attempted to pin on drug dealer Zander Smith. But when Zander took Emily hostage, she discovered he was misunderstood and began developing feelings for him.

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The Quartermaines did their best to keep Emily away from Zander, but their love could not be denied. After testifying against a crime boss, Zander feared for his life, and Emily agreed to run away with him where they could live safely. But when the train they were on crashed, Emily was paralyzed from the waist down and Zander broke up with her so she could go to a rehabilitation center and focus on her recovery.

When did Emily Return to GENERAL HOSPITAL?

A couple years later, Emily came home to Port Charles (now played by Natalia Livingston) trying to hide the fact that she had developed breast cancer. To keep Zander at arm’s length, she persuaded Nikolas to fake a relationship, but the Cassadine soon developed genuine feelings for the beauty. However, they both decided not to act on those feelings because of her illness.

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After undergoing rigorous chemotherapy, Emily developed meningitis, and believing she was going to die, married Zander on her death bed. But the short-lived marriage fell apart when she and Nikolas were unable to resist each other. After a deadly fire where Zander lost his father, the young man became unstable and took Emily hostage, trying to convince her to run away with him again. Surrounded by the police, Zander pushed Emily to safety and pretended to reach for a gun so the cops would fire. Fatally wounded, Zander died in Emily’s arms.

Preparing to propose to Emily, Nikolas lost his memory in a car accident and was cared for by Mary Bishop, whose presumed-dead husband, Connor, was a dead ringer for the Cassadine prince. When Helena tried to kill Emily, Nikolas threw his grandmother off a cliff and was sent to prison. Believing Helena was still alive, Emily persuaded Connor to impersonate Nikolas, but he became obsessed with her. Connor raped Emily, who managed to kill him in self-defense.

How did Emily die in GENERAL HOSPITAL?

When Helena was revealed to be alive, Nikolas was released, but Emily found it hard to stay married to him because he looked like her rapist. Later, Emily began to develop feelings for Sonny Corinthos, but their relationship was short-lived, and she ultimately reconnected with Nikolas. Sadly, the night of the Black and White Ball, just after she accepted Nik’s marriage proposal, Emily was strangled to death by the Text Message Killer who was revealed to be Diego Alcazar.

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Emily’s previously-unknown twin sister, Rebecca, appeared in Port Charles looking to get her hands on Emily’s money, but didn’t stick around long. Emily herself made a final ghostly appearance alongside Alan and Rick to help Monica and Tracy put their feud to rest in the special 50th Anniversary episode of GH in 2013.

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